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JIN YI CHERNG used ZW3D to boost bearing design.

2018-07-06 15:43:00 681

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To meet the new demands of the market, JIN YI CHERNG required a smarter, easier to manage 3D software to improve their technology and solve the joint problems between designing and manufacturing.





Since JIN YI CHERNG was a ZWCAD user, while using ZW3D, they can also use their existed 2D data easily. Besides, with the all-in-one ZW3D, JIN YI CHERNG had no need to switch to any other software through the whole process. Featuring the fastest kernel(OverdriveTM) for solid-surface hybrid modeling, ZW3D boosted their bearing design.





“Compared with other software, ZW3D perfectly meets our needs in terms of quality and price”.

——Said by JIN YI CHERNG.

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