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Jinjin selected ZW3D for its powerful data compatibility with multi-...

2018-07-06 16:58:00 755

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A highly-efficient CAD/CAM system is necessary for Jinjin to assist engineers in designing products efficiently and ensure seamless work between various departments with barrier-free data compatibility.





Jinjin selected ZW3D to help boost efficiency and optimize productivity to acquire market share quickly. ZW3D could read different 3D CAD files from mainstream 3D CAD systems directly , ensuring the availability of substantive original data and smooth operations among departments. Beyond that, ZW3D provide efficient profiler and repair tools to help engineers quickly analyze graphics in product designs and fix the gaps.

Jinjin chose ZW3D CAD/CAM for its high compatibility with 2D data and the ability to thoroughly solve the data communication problem and therefore shorten the production cycle. Accurately converting 2D data contributes to improving working efficiency and raising productivity.





“ZW3D is near perfect in compatibility by which we can read and edit 2D design drawings smoothly. Now ZW3D and ZWCAD+ are fully operational!”

----commented engineers from Jinjin.

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