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Kamal Mould, a reputed manufacturer and supplier of dies and moulds...

2018-07-06 17:01:00 773

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To enhance working efficiency and lower production cost, Kamal Mould needs to create multi-cavity mould design and develop easy and fast Implementation.





Various product verification tools and healing features in ZW3D enables the structure of multi-cavity mould to be manufacturable.


In addition, ZW3D’s solid-surface hybrid modeling technology enables feasible interchange between solid & surface and faster and easier core and cavity splitting.





“ZW3D has excellent return on investment. It has supreme features in CAD and mould, such as interchange between solid and surface modeling, effortless core cavity creation in mould wizard and lower product development cost. We were ready to purchase other CAD software, but after evaluating, we decided to purchase ZW3D.”


——said Mr. Sumit V Luhar, Technical Manager in KM.


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