--Shorten design cycles from the fìrst project done in ZW3D

--Cut communication costs with seamless data interoperability

--Reduce engineering time of moulds with fexible parting processes



For this ambitious company objective, they need a system to go through their workflow flexibly and efficiently. To shorten the engineering time of moulds, they needed flexible design capabilities.





ZW3D with its hybrid possibilities is an eye-opener. Its hybrid kernel, OverdriveTM, offers complete freedom in modelling: the boundary between solids and surfaces has completely disappeared.

ZW3D can also import and work problem-free with large amounts of data. Multiple file types can be imported, such as CATIA, which is popular in the automotive industry, NX, STEP and IGES files.





“We’ve been using ZW3D packages for nine years, with regular updates. In ZW3D, working with bulky CAD files from 100 to 300 MB to more than a gigabyte is not a problem at all. ”

----Rob Vandewal,CTO Director of Kupron

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