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ZWSOFT has established a strategic cooperation with Kyungil Universit...

2018-07-09 09:49:00 820

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Specializing in mechanical, construction and automotive engineering, Kyungil University has been providing students with more value with a new education paradigm. In order to help students stay competitive in a global labor market, they needs to train students with professional industry tools and solutions and thus to push the education quality to a high level.





ZWSOFT provides KIU with a full CAD/CAM solution to support mechanical and architectural education. With access to ZWCAD+ and ZW3D, students can experience the same design process as professionals worldwide.

In addition to the software offering, ZWCAD Korea and INFINIK, the authorized distributor of ZWCAD+ and ZW3D in Korea, will also provide technical assistance to KIU’s research development. They will also offer internship opportunities to KIU students to help them with career planning and put their theoretical knowledge into practice.

Equipped with the latest technologies in design software, KIU will be more capable of cultivating world-class mechanical and architectural professionals and contributing substantially to the local and international CAD/CAM industries.





“Using the latest CAD software makes it easier for students to take an innovative idea into reality. With ZWSOFT's powerful products and KIU’s industry-based courses, KIU helps students stay competitive in a global labor market.”

--- Dr. Creed Eom, Professor of School of Architecture at KIU.

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