•  Accurate data exchange in communication

  •  Tasks completed with stable hybrid modeler at a lower price

  •  Intelligent CAM module without data loss



Lakowa is a development partner, systems supplier, and manufacturer that was founded in Wilthen, Germany in 1913. They specialize in developing and producing extraordinary plastic parts. In 2004, Lakowa decided to upgrade its development tools because they were having difficulty with their current system’s lack of surface functions when attempting 3D constructions. 





Lakowa’s custom development department has 10 licenses on ZW3D. It helps the engineers fulfill challenging tasks by taking in account the customers’ own tools, production techniques and manufactured products. Lakowa was able to expand its RIM-part-manufacturing, molding, CNC machining and assembly. 





“The acquisition of the data model in ZW3D works better each year. The program is evolving quickly and emphatically.”


----  Andreas Happel,

Director of Engineering and Development

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