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ZW3D announced that it was chosen by Guangzhou Leonis Machinery Co., Ltd. (Leonis) to boost enterprise transformation.

2018-07-06 15:11:00 787

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To stand firm in the international market, Leonis needs to upgrade their technologies to boost production. Choosing an advanced and easy-to-learn 3D CAD platform became their priority at that time.





ZW3D, with a built-in “Show-n-Tell” system, can shorten the learning curves of beginners. Besides, its embedded file translator & parametric design technology can help Leonis import DWG data directly and build 3D models accordingly with direct edit. What's more, ZW3D has offered on-site training to help Leonis’ engineers master ZW3D quickly. So ZW3D can boost the design efficiency.





ZW3D has a very clear workflow. It’s easy to learn and even beginners can get started quickly without training. We are going to encourage more engineers to participate in on-site training to explore more powerful functions,”


——Mr. He, 2D designer of Engineering Department in Leonis.

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