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Modern Industries, Inc.

Modern Industries, Inc. was founded in Erie, Pennsylvania in 1946, ...

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Modern Industries, Inc. was founded in Erie, Pennsylvania in 1946, manufacturing precision component parts for diesel engines, tool & die, primary metal producers, etc. Modern Industries created the mPower™ project, which was for developing and producing line of workholding tools. When they began to get involved in the project, they had to convert all the original drawings into 3D models, because the inventor had created the drawings in another CAD package, and it couldn’t create CAM programs for machining the parts. But the key problem is setup. The time required to set up for each machining operation can absolutely kill productivity. 





Leveraging the power of ZW3D, Modern Industries created the mPower™ line of workholding tools. With a precision fixturing and mounting system, modular tooling columns, and indexers, it is now possible for machine shops to slash the time for setup by as much as 80%. That can have a huge impact on productivity and profitability, and ZW3D helps to make it all happen.  





"ZW3D has had a substantial positive impact on our business. I love that ZW3D lets me create custom products on the fly…and it’s easy to confirm they will be right."


— Modern Industries

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