NACCO Industries Inc. Uses ZW3D for Forklift Design

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As part of the process of incorporating ergonomics into Hyster and Yale pedestrian pallet forklifts manufactured by NACCO Materials Handling Group, Inc., a series of studies and tests was commissioned in the United States and Europe to develop ergonomic guidelines for design of a new handle. The result of those tests called for a handle that easily interfaces between operator and machine, providing the operator with a comfortable and productive work tool. In addition to the list of sophisticated and detailed ergonomic properties spelled out for the new handle, the new handle had to be rugged, functional and water-resistant and had to accommodate a mounting bracket to the steering tiller as well as providing an enclosure for the controls, sensors and electronics. And the manufacturer of the handle, REMA GmbH of Bonn, Germany, provided input based on the capabilities of plastic injection molding technology.  



Benefiting from the powerful data communication, hybrid modeling and CAD/CAM integrated solution of ZW3D, REMA GmbH of Bonn is able to product the distinctive handle with attractive appearance and ergonomic considerations. This has become a contributing factor to increased customer satisfaction and a growing market share for its customer. 



"Data transfer to ZW3D was much easier."

— NACCO Industries

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