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Ogle selected ZW3D for its easy-to-use features of modeling and CNC...

2018-07-09 09:15:00 841

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To optimize its modeling strategy and cut the cost, Ogle was trying to find an easy-to-use CAD/CAM package with timely technical support for their internal model makers instead of relying completely on well-trained external CAD designers.





Ogle finally selected ZW3D mainly because of its flexible and powerful 3D CAD modeling which can be mastered by any mechanical designers or 3D industrial designers at ease. With clear workflow, friendly user interface and embedded tutorial of “Show-n-Tell”, designers in Ogle can get skilled at ZW3D quickly to handle large and complex designs like aircraft interiors and seating projects, divorcing themselves from external R&D force to reduce cost and boost productivity.

Plus, speedy support and service provided by ZW3D ensures Ogle’s CAD/CAM problems answered within 24 hours, assisting them to build a well-developed and highly-professional design team.





“When choosing the 3D design software, whether it is easy-to-use or not is a priority. But ZW3D offers more than that. We are very glad to receiving answers from ZW3D within 24 hours.”

  ---- said Dave Bennion, the Sales and Marketing Director of Ogle.

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