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Ramix faced daily challenges designing impellers and moulds while th...

2018-07-06 17:24:00 752

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Ramix is Dutch company of over 50 years of experience in pipe fitting molds and injection molds. It faces daily challenges designing impellers and molds while its sister company, Romit was responsible for the machining. Because of shortcomings in their existing CAD and CAM systems, Ramix and Romit were forced to outsource a lot of work causing leaking profits. They needed a solution to keep the work in house that went beyond just putting their finger in the dam. They needed to fix the problem. 





As a CAD/CAM all-in-one solution, ZW3D helps Ramix & Romit save lots of from modeling, mold making to manufacturing. The powerful data exchange enables Ramix to work with all kinds of files from clients. And it is easy to identify the regions that were changed by the customer for re-machining. Seamless data integration of ZW3D enables Romit to put CAD models directly to ZW3D CAM without converting into 2D drawings after building up the mold. Romit’s machining hourly rate was increased by more than 20%.  





"No time is wasted before parts go into production."


— Ramix

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