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Retecon is a company that markets a range of machine tools, access...

2018-07-06 16:30:00 1923

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Retecon is a company that markets a range of machine tools, accessories, tooling, consumables and services to the metal working industry. They need to show engineers how they can work faster at a lower price.  







Just some of the features that received high praise included the seamless data connection, and the 2-5 axis turning and milling in the ZW3D all-in-one CAD/CAM software . The seamless data connection in ZW3D allows for changes in geometry and automatically updates CNC programming output.  ZW3D has once again shown that through its productive and intelligent features alongside competent, helpful resellers such as TDM Solutions – it draws in customers time and time again.





“When attendees were informed them of the versatility of the ZW3D solution and more importantly the price of ZW3D; people couldn’t believe the value ZW3D offered."


--Jim Plester,Technical Sales