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Even though RW Group has a strong position in its markets, it constantly refines production technologies and introduces up-to-date computer-based management, in a bid to maintain a high level of quality, improve R&D efficiency and expand product offerings to break into new markets.






With diversified product design functionalities, ZW3D assists RW Group to maximize the flexibility in modeling.

It is applied to design various products, like the automobile connecting rods, the steering linkage products, hubs, front wheels and aluminum components for all kinds of engines.

Packed with a powerful file translator, ZW3D provides the team with the ability to import data from multiple vendors with competitive pricing.





“ZW3D is a suite of applications you can use to design products the way you want – not the way your CAD tool requires,”

——said Wang-Chin Lee, Manager of R&D Department of RW Group.

——Importing data into ZW3D is 5 minutes faster per project compared to Autodesk Inventor.

——Automation Design’s engineering department is completing 10% faster after adopting ZW3D.

——ZW3D ribbon interface and other features make day-to-day use faster than Autodesk Inventor.

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