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Ring Can Corporation(RCC) has a history of innovative packaging, mak...

2018-07-09 10:36:00 1027

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Ring Can Corporation(RCC) has a history of innovative packaging, making it one of the largest and fastest growing container manufacturers in North America. Plastic bottles may look very straightforward, but design difficulties often arise from their shapes – particularly the shapes of bottles with handles. To achieve an attractive, sculpted look along with the strength needed I want to switch from solids – as good as solids are today – to surfaces, to get blends and transitions. 





RCC found that with ZW3D Vision, it’s easy to go back and forth between solids and surfaces, or to make a surface and then blend it into a solid. Volume is so critical in plastic bottles. In ZW3D Vision, RCC can make changes at any point in the history and have the change carry through the rest of the subsequent history. ZW3D Vision has helped to cut the design cycle by at least half, and the robustness of the software helps save even more time – and RCC derive cost savings relative to the amount of time RCC save. We’ve improved quality as well, because the mold maker can create the exact mold for a particular bottle right from the designs produced using ZW3D Vision.





ZW3D has helped us cut the design cycle by at least half.


— Ring Can 

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