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SAMOSA chooses ZW3D to fast customize various wooden products through parametric design.

2018-11-15 10:58:00 2155

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SAMOSA keeps updating their CNC milling machine to fit into the production process for several years. It’s time to upgrade the design and manufacturing process with an advanced 3D CAD/CAM solution.


Additionally, they work with high-quality materials and a “no-nonsense” concept, which put them in a unique position in the market. So, the software they were looking for had to fit into that concept as well.     






Luckily, SAMOSA discovered ZW3D from ZW3D’s partner 4C Creative Cad Cam Consultants(4C).


“When a client is requesting a table, ZW3D can recalculate the design within that specification. We don’t have to change the entire drawing before we are able to produce it. We only have to modify the specific values the customer wants to see,” said Guus van Driel, Founder of SAMOSA.




Benefiting from the excellent parametric design, designers can quickly start re-modeling with ZW3D once receiving the specifications demanded by the customer. There is no need to make a fresh start. Once the 3D design is done in ZW3D, the parts are ready to be machined. A few hours later, the parts can be assembled.







“Among the choices of all software packages, ZW3D really stood out,” said Guus, “With ZW3D, the production can be shortened to hours and days between order purchases and manufacturing, instead of weeks or even months.”