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When mechanical design is involved in these programs, students have to create various components, such as wheels, pulley, gear etc. Since the currently used software does not have standard part libraries, they need to spend a lot of time to draw these parts.



For 3D modeling, the free software they are using only has limited functions, which is not enough to meet their long-term educational needs.



So they urgently need an easy-to-use, all-in-one and affordable CAD/CAM solution to address the growing demands for advanced professional usage.





The stylish user interface style provides a friendlier user experience. The most frequently used commands are placed intuitively, helping to improve design efficiency and lower design complexity.The built-in standard parts library also helps students to improve design efficiency.


For 3D modelling, the superior hybrid modelling enables users to seamlessly work with 3D solids, non-solids, surfaces and wireframe models. With the powerful hybrid modelling, ZW3D can be used in secondary and higher educational level.


The reasonable price of ZW3D reduces the budget for SCPtuj, helping them to invest more to exactly where it's needed.





“Components in ZW3D’s part librariesare really a time saver for our students. It is easy to use, fast and effective. Students can get used to the program easily and therefore start creating basic elements in a very short time.”

---Mr. Sandi Rihtarič

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