Shades Technics

  •  Flexibly make changes without missing deadline

  •  Meet the specific design needs for luxury coaches

  •  Build a digital model without detailed dimensions



Shades Technics has been manufacturing supplementary coach furniture for 24 years. Over that time, designs have become more and more sophisticated – in line with the general improvements in coach comfort and style. We have to be flexible enough to accept such changes without missing our tight deadlines.





ZW3D is used constantly at The Healey Werks. It has been used to design such diverse parts as a trigger wheel sensor for a customer who wanted custom designed traction control, intake manifolds for custom fuel injection, and "out of nothing" suspension elements. Sometimes ZW3D is used to replicate specialized factory tools that are no longer available. ZW3D helps The Healey Werks successfully deal with the sheer age of some of the cars they are restoring .





"With ZW3D we were flexible enough to accept changes without missing our tight deadlines."


— Shades Technics 

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