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Headquartered in NJ, America, WINCO is a leading manufacturer and w...

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To stand out of the increasingly competitive hardware industry, WINCO SHANGHAI needed to speed up the product design and manufacturing to grab more market share. Thus, upgrading their 2D CAD platform into a 3D one is an essential approach.





With the powerful 2D sheet of ZW3D to support diversified international standards, WINCO SHANGHAI can detect dimensions automatically and mark serial numbers for spare parts, avoiding human errors and speed up the machining process.


ZW3D’s build-in file translator keeps data consistent. And lots of drawings in different formats could be quickly opened in ZW3D with nearly error-free import.





“What distresses us every day is that we receive lots of drawings in different formats. We spent quite a long time to repair them when imported. Now, however, even large 3D CAD drawings, like UG and PROE, could be quickly opened in ZW3D with nearly error-free import, greatly improving our efficiency.”


--Mr. Cheng, an engineer of WINCO.

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