Quality Life Tech Drives Innovation of Medical Products with ZW3D

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As an ISO 13485 certified and GMP accredited world-class manufacturer, Quality Life Technologies Co., Ltd. (“QLT” for short) designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of medical products with excellent quality, including mobility scooters, power-driven wheelchairs, nebulizers and aspirators, as well as their main components, such as the compressors, wirings, seats, armrests, PU foaming tires, plastic shrouds, metal frames, gearboxes and transaxles. QLT delivers at least 10 new products every year globally, such as in China, Germany and the U.S.

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QLT Chose ZW3D to Stay Innovative and Competitive

To stay innovative and competitive in the fierce market, QLT upgrades hardware and software periodically. 3D CAD/CAM software always takes the highest priority. To serve the ODM customers in the U.S. and Europe, their products have to meet strict international standards, like ISO, FDA, UL and CE. So, the 3D CAD/CAM software should be competent from CAD designing to manufacturing, supporting them to quickly finish product prototype design and structure design, modify the models based on parameters (or even without parameters), insert standard parts of different standards, conduct assembly work, simulation, and CAM programming.

After comparing the existing CAD/CAM solutions, they finally chose ZW3D. "First, we need the software which has strong capabilities and is easy-to-use, and the supplier should provide professional and long-term support. Second, we hope that it is budget-friendly. We think ZW3D perfectly meets our needs,” said Mr. Cheng, IT Manager of QLT.


See How QLT Drives Innovation with ZW3D

 ● Parametric Design and Fast Modification

Figure 1. Design mechanical parts and electrical parts with powerful modeling functions in ZW3D.png

Figure 1. Design mechanical parts and electrical parts with powerful modeling functions in ZW3D

QLT mainly designs mechanical parts and electrical parts of medical equipment, which requires parametric design to improve efficiency. Featuring powerful and flexible modeling functions in the CAD module, ZW3D supports the team to efficiently modify the models by parameters. The history data or the third-party data also need to be modified very often. Thanks to ZW3D’s powerful translator, they can read the internal or external data in different mainstream formats. What's more, with the Direct Edit function, the team can directly modify non-native data without entangling themselves in the history tree.  

 ● Flexible Assembly Design - Top-down and Bottom-up

Figure 2. Assemble products with flexible assembly functions.png

Figure 2. Assemble products with flexible assembly functions

QLT assembles parts in both Top-down and Bottom-up ways, which are well supported by ZW3D. Besides, ZW3D offers interference checking and motion simulation to help them verify the assembly work. The built-in part library and the extended online part library such as Part Solution offer a variety of choices when inserting standard parts.

 ● Easy-to-use and Reliable CAM

Figure 3. User-friendly CAM interface.png

Figure 3. User-friendly CAM interface

The operations of ZW3D CAM are intuitive and easy-to-learn, so, the engineers in QLT can get a good command of it in a short time. As ZW3D integrates CAD, Mold, and CAM into one system, the CAM data can be automatically updated if there are any changes in the CAD module, to prevent data loss.

For post-processing, they not only make use of the built-in post-processor which offers code formats for most CNC machines, but also customize the codes according to the machine’s structure with the support from ZWSOFT application engineers.

 ● Professional Rendering

Figure 4. Render the product with the professional plug-in KeyShot.jpg

Figure 4. Render the product with the professional plug-in KeyShot

Before the products enter the market, rendering is essential. With the third-party plug-in KeyShot in ZW3D, the team can render the products to illustrate its final effect.


Better Medical Products, Better Life

It’s encouraging that ZW3D has played a role in the manufacturing of high-quality and functional facilities which help the aged or disabled people worldwide enhance the quality of life. With ZW3D's all-in-one CAD/CAM workflow and strong capabilities of designing and manufacturing, QLT continues creating things to make people’s life better.

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