“It Works Great in My Road Work!” -- A ZWTraffic User Said

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Recently, an interview was conducted with Mr. Włodzimierz Tesz, a user of ZWTraffic, which is an application developed by SZANSA (distributor of ZWCAD in Poland) on ZWCAD 2018 Pro for traffic organization and road marking.

Mr. Włodzimierz Tesz is the owner of a company that deals with the development of traffic organization projects, such as the construction, reconstruction, and renovation of roads in the whole country by cooperating with other design agencies.

Going through how Mr. Włodzimierz Tesz feels about ZWTraffic may help you figure out why it won many users’ hearts, especially those who undertake traffic planning.


Quicker and More Standard

Q: For what task do you use ZWTraffic in your daily work? What do you expect from this add-on?

A: This is an essential work tool for designing traffic organization in road work. I use ZWCAD together with the ZWTraffic add-on.

This type of add-on should enable the implementation of all tasks following the requirements of the current regulations and thus produce proper designs for traffic organization. The more intuitively the tasks are carried out, the easier it will be for the designers to work.

Facilitating and enabling the execution of orders as quickly as possible are also the capabilities such add-on should have. For example, each designer knows that after designing the traffic organization, a combination of the applied markings should be generated, which means that such "manual" collecting and counting consumes a lot of precious time, especially for large projects.


The Best of its Kind

Q: How does this add-on deal with the above tasks? Does it meet these expectations?

A: The add-on does a good job in my work and in the orders I carry out with ever-increasing possibilities.

Use ZWTraffic to draw a car and its track

Figure 1. Use ZWTraffic to draw a car and its track

It eases my workload with its Signs Report -- it creates a collection of signs in the form of a table, in which I can add elements or modify existing ones, and even set a large number of operating parameters, helping select a certain group of signs with certain attributes according to my own needs or the needs of individual institutions. Also thanks to that, the types of signs can be determined at the beginning of the project, or during insertion.

Edit Values also makes my life easier by enabling swift edition of a sign and all of its parameters simply by clicking a button.

Taking into account the current possibilities of the add-on, it is ZWTraffic that performs very well in comparison with other solutions available on the market.


Taking Good Care of Daily Road Work

Q: Which functions are used most often in your work? How are they used in your projects or tasks?

Inserting vertical road signs and creating horizontal markings are both my most commonly-used, bookmarked functions, which the add-on handles very well.

Add road marks to drawings

Figure 2. Add road marks to drawings

Usually, I also need to add the descriptions of signs to the drawings as well as export them to additional files, and Signs Report as mentioned earlier helps a lot. It allows to insert the descriptions in the form of a table directly to the project, and export them after uncomplicated conversion to a spreadsheet.

In the case of corrections and changes, Replace and Modify are also my good partners.

ZWTraffic’s high performance on ZWCAD demonstrates ZWCAD’s abilities of innovation and industry application. It is believed that ZWTraffic will play a key role in the area of traffic organization. As Mr. Włodzimierz Tesz continued to say, “the add-on works great not only for simple projects, but also for larger and more complex tasks in road work. It keeps making progress and is heading in the right direction.”

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SZANSA was founded in 2000 and became an authorized distributor of ZWCAD in Poland in 2005. It operates in the booming IT industry with a particular emphasis on professional software for computer-aided design.



ZWSOFT (ZWCAD Software Co., Ltd.) is a world-renowned CAD/CAM solutions provider. With a reputation as a committed and reliable provider of CAD/CAM software to the AEC and MCAD industries, ZWSOFT has created design software products that have continuously satisfied the needs of 2D and 3D drafters. With 20 years' experience in CAD industry, our products and service are proven by over 550,000 clients across 80 countries, including US, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, etc.

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