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Konsystem and ZWCAD Together Contribute to A Better Structured Poland

Konsystem, a Polish company specialized in designing concrete, steel and post-tensioned structures has been trusting ZWCAD to better the structure of buildings in Poland and beyond.

2020-03-11 14:19:00 1153

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Konsystem Konstrukcje Budowlane Sp. z o.o. (KKB) has been active in Poland and beyond for around a decade now. What distinguishes KKB from others in the industry is that they excel at not only structural design, but also the evaluation of post-tensioned structures.

Also, KKB believes that a team of qualified engineers and the best design tools are indispensable to fulfill their aim of providing the most technologically advanced, most economical and safest projects. Back in 2017, ZWCAD was chosen by KKB to better serve their clients, for example, the reputable Henauer Gugler AG from Switzerland.

What Advanced Technologies Have Played A Part?

Due to the complexity of the concrete, steel and post-tensioned structures, the file size of the construction drawings is usually quite large. KKB was hoping for a solution that is high-tech enough to process the large drawing files in a relatively short time. Therefore, designers at KKB were as happy as clams to find that file reading in ZWCAD 2020 had been 32.4% faster.

In addition, their commonly used commands, for example, DIMENSION, operate faster than they expected. “It is definitely much smoother and faster. We are satisfied with the product and how it developed throughout the years,” Patryk Makowski, one of the assistant designers cheerfully said.

Furthermore, they are very satisfied with the given libraries of blocks and hatches as well as the accurate display of layers and Xrefs, which help enrich their construction drawings. “Recently, we’ve completed the plan for a tennis court and we used many blocks directly in ZWCAD,” Mr. Makowski added. This tennis court covers a net area of 2,000 square meters. With the floor plan attached as an Xref, they were able to generate a multitude of blocks, dimensions and layers quickly and accurately in the structural drawing.

Figure 1. The structural drawing of the tennis court (Image courtesy of KKB)

Figure 1. The structural drawing of the tennis court (Image courtesy of KKB)

Why Are Their Services Economical?

ZWCAD is good news for KKB’s designers and engineers. Is it the same for their finances? To make their services more affordable, the expenses of software should be reasonable. So, they were always looking for a CAD solution that is economical in terms of both licenses and learning costs. The permanent ZWCAD licenses offered took a weight off their mind.

But what’s really tricky is that the KKB team members are all occupied with their work, leading to possibly high indirect costs of relearning a CAD program. To their delight, the interface and commands of ZWCAD are very familiar to them. Eventually, the switch to ZWCAD worked out favorably for KKB. Besides, when they come across technical issues, SZANSA the Polish ZWSOFT partner and the ZWCAD technical team are always there to help. “The most valuable service for us is the reliable and instant tech support. ZWSOFT always provides the best solutions possible,” acknowledged Mr. Makowski.

How Are the Safe Buildings Delivered on Time?

Before ZWCAD was introduced to KKB by SZANSA, the team encountered crashes when opening DWG files in their old CAD solution every once in a while. What’s even more frustrating was that during their long editing process, crashes would happen from time to time. Since their workload is heavy and the deadline close, KKB longed for a stabler CAD tool with strong compatibility.

Figure 2. Multi-family residential buildings designed by KKB (Image courtesy of KKB)

Figure 2. Multi-family residential buildings designed by KKB (Image courtesy of KKB)

Ever since they switched to ZWCAD, no crashes have happened when they were opening or modifying the received .dwg files, which has notably facilitated their work. Moreover, no data are lost since the high-quality drawings they’ve created with ZWCAD can be read correctly by their clients in other CAD solutions. So far, dozens of projects have been accomplished smoothly.

Figure 3. During the construction of the residential buildings (Image courtesy of KKB)

Figure 3. During the construction of the residential buildings (Image courtesy of KKB)

As one of KKB’s best tools, ZWCAD has been helping them complete complicated projects and build fruitful relationships with their clients. Such collaboration and professionalism will continue contributing to a better structured Poland.

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