When only the suitable one will do, Haima Automobile turns to ZWCAD

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Guangzhou, China: May 6, 2016 – ZWSOFT, a leading supplier of CAD/CAM solutions for the AEC and MCAD industries, is glad to announce that ZWCAD provides Haima Automobile customized CAD solution which helps them greatly improve their management efficiency.

Haima Automobile is a listed company with a registered capital of 1.64 billion Yuan and a total asset of 13 billion Yuan. Since its founding in 1988, over the past 20 years, Haima has been committed to the development of domestic automobile and now it has established three bases in Hainan, Henan and Shanghai and a product portfolio covering minivan, sedan, MPV, SUV and new energy vehicles. It employs over 10,000 staffs while its affiliated companies employ over 30,000 staffs. Haima Automobile has become a representative model for domestic automotive industry.




To remain competitive in automotive industry, Haima Automobile has tried a wide range of software including the most expensive one on the market. According to the CIO of Haima Automobile, they haven’t decided to turn to ZWCAD because they had concerns about ZWCAD’s compatibility with mainstream CADs, and they were not sure if ZWCAD can be fully integrated with the Windchill system that they were using. Their misgivings haven’t been dispelled until they visited Suzhou in 2012 when they found that ZWCAD’s performance was more than satisfactory in terms of compatibility, speed and stability. FAW Haima became the first mover, and then the whole group begin to use ZWCAD.



Customization creates the best fit

OEM manufacturers like Haima Automobile are complex organizations and they have various needs for product data in fields like R&D, manufacturing, sales and after-sales. Haima Automobile began to use Windchill system to manage all product data in 2006.

CAD design tools are widely used in Haima Automobile in developing electric, wiring harness, chassis, car body, etc. However, when there are multiple data sources, collaboration becomes difficult, and engineers and designers have to switch between CAD and Windchill system, data delivery is especially complicated.

Taking advantage of the stability, compatibility and open API interface of ZWCAD platform, ZWSOFT proactively integrates its internal and external R&D resources and develops a ZWCAD Windchill interface program for Haima Automobile. The program, on the one hand, breaks the conventional pattern and improves design efficiency since users can directly access original Windchill workspace through ZWCAD Windchill interface – all operations can be done right in ZWCAD, no transfer or switching is required. On the other hand, DWG drawings of components and parts generated from ZWCAD are directly associated with BOM, properties of objects will be automatically synchronized to 2D drawings. Staffs at different business links can get a full picture right through BOM.

As an outstanding representative of domestic automotive industry, Haima Automobile keeps optimizing their research and designs and follows the path of independent innovation unswervingly. The CIO of Haima Automobile expressed that he hoped two companies can further strengthen long-term cooperation as their business grows.



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