ZWCAD Benefits More Powerful Designs for SAIC

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ZWSOFT, a leading supplier of CAD/CAM solutions for the AEC and MCAD industries, is glad to announce that it cooperates with SAIC Motor Corporation Limited, the largest listed automobile company on China’s domestic A-share market.

SAIC Motor Corporation Limited (informally SAIC, formerly Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation) is a Chinese state-owned automotive design and manufacturing company headquartered in Shanghai, China with multinational operations. A Fortune Global 100 company and one of the "Big Four" Chinese automakers, the company had the largest production volume of any Chinese automaker in 2014 making more than 4.5 million vehicles. Its manufacturing mix is not wholly consumer offerings, however, with as many as 1,000,000+ SAIC passenger vehicles being commercial vans.


ZWCAD Meets with Business Expansion Needs

In the automotive industry, advanced CAD software technologies make a big difference in improving business productivity. More and more car companies accelerate the introduction of advanced information technology applications, such as CAD, CAM, CAPP and FMS to enhance overall efficiency and facilitate intelligent manufacturing. The application of ZWCAD is also for the purpose of further improving R&D innovation. In recent years, SAIC Group has largely enhanced their level of CAD applications in two-dimensional graphics design aspect by using ZWCAD. Currently, Shanghai commercial vehicles, SDEC ("Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd."), SAIC transmission ("Shanghai Automotive Transmission Co., Ltd.") and a number of subsidiaries and Chinese domain car ("Huayu Automotive Systems Company Limited ") are using ZWCAD too.


ZWCAD Guarantees Design Efficiency

ZWCAD is widely used in R&D, manufacturing, logistics and other businesses. With seamless compatibility with other 2D and 3D software, it solves the problem of interaction of different aspects of the drawings between different departments. Mr. Wang, an engineer in SAIC, said: “Because ZWCAD can read and edit the data we used, and at the same time, automatically generated list can be directly used for post-production and processing, which greatly improves the development productivity.”

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