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ZWSOFT Donated ZWCAD to Austrian School PTS Schwanenstadt

ZWSOFT has donated dozens of ZWCAD licenses to Polytechnische Schule, a polytechnic school in Schwanenstadt, Austria.

2019-10-17 13:43:00 2457

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During their 2018-2019 school year, students of PTS Schwanenstadt in Austria received educational support from ZWSOFT and its Austrian partner, Kecht-IT. With ZWCAD and several professional training sessions organized by the Kecht-IT tech team, young people of technical professions can become skilled at reading and drafting basic engineering drawings in the field they desire to devote to.

The Path to Professionalism

Specialized in construction, mechatronics, metallurgy, etc., PTS Schwanenstadt is unique in terms of its 4-phase training model. Students with no specific professional interests apply for a specialized field and formulate their career aspirations in respectively, phase 1 and 2. To complete the following phases, they need to grasp some necessary professional skills and execute a project, which requires professional tools to help them do so.

Polytechnic Study with Essential Tools

CAD software is one of those important tools for students studying polytechnic subjects. To help them become more skillful with CAD software and get well-prepared for their future development, as well as provide in-service programs to the teachers, the school sees ZWSOFT’s offer as their first choice. Currently, 3 teachers and 54 students are using ZWCAD in their lessons in the dual education.

During phase 3, students are guided to grasp the basic commands and the structure of CAD programs. Since it only lasts for a few weeks, what they need are a clear user interface and intuitive commands that reduce learning time while improving teaching quality.



Figure 1. The self-explanatory user interface of ZWCAD is easy for students to learn

Before the last phase, multiple abilities of students, such as drawing creation and spatial imagination are cultivated, laying the foundation for finishing their projects. Also, students are hence exposed to various industry-specific engineering drawings, enabling them to see their future career and school life more clearly.

Helpful and easy-to-use, ZWCAD has drawn constant raves from both the PTS teaching team and students. Sophie, the CAD program newbie chirped, “ZWCAD is cool! You can learn the basics quickly and the graphical interface is self-explanatory.”

Figure 2. Both students and teachers at PTS Schwanenstadt enjoy working with ZWCAD

Doing Our Bit for CAD Education

We are happy that students and faculty of PTS Schwanenstadt benefit from our product and service. ZWSOFT has been devoting more and more attention and resources to education every year. We are more than willing to help those who are relentlessly learning CAD, no matter who they are and where they live. That’s also why 3DOne, ZWSOFT’s education version, has helped over 50,000 schools create an effective learning environment.

Figure 3. Students can design with ZWCAD after a short period of learning

It’s our pleasure to keep providing software and technical training sessions to equip more students and teachers with CAD-based knowledge. We hope that the students can eventually find an ideal position in CAD-related industries with their CAD skills honed using ZWCAD and keep giving back to society by creating amazing things with what they have learned.