6 Steps to Rendering with KeyShot

1. Launch KeyShot: From your model in ZW3D, select Render from the KeyShot menu in ZW3D to launch KeyShot for ZW3D.

2. Paint your model: Drag and drop to apply over 700 materials and/or colors from the KeyShot material library.

3. Choose your lighting: Drag and drop to change environment image (HDRI). The effect on materials, colors and finishes can be seen instantly.

4. Adjust your camera: Frame the scene just as with a camera. Control perspective with focal length and field of view settings.

5. Adjust your background: Quickly and interactively cycle through colors, choose from pre-loaded photos, or set your own images as the background for your shot.

6. Enjoy the perfect picture: You are done! From start to finish, a simple six step process to beautiful images, all happening in real-time – right in front of your eyes.

Additional Training

Many KeyShot video tutorials, quick tips and webinars are available at http://keyshot.com/learning/.

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