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  • CAD

    Datum Axis

    Datum Axis is now supported to facilitate sketch design, modeling, PMI dimensions and assembly constraint, increasing friendliness for your design work.
  • CAD

    New Modeling Features

    Cross Trim to trim and sew multiple surfaces at the same time, G2 Blend to get smoother fillets and blend faces, etc. are available for better modeling experience.
  • CAD

    New Sketch Features

    Enjoy your sketch work with Equal Curvature Constraint for higher-quality curves and surfaces, Cosmetic Sketch with symbols and shape marks, etc.
  • CAD

    New Sheet Metal Features

    Fillets and open faces can now be set in Punch. You can also punch a shape from an external z3prt file. What’s more, the radius of flanges can be set as zero to satisfy special needs.
  • CAD

    New Assembly Features

    Assembly work gets easier with Clearance Check to guarantee safe distance, Batch Attribute Edit to add attributes to multiple components all at once, etc.
  • CAD


    The ECAD module is added for mechatronic design. You can import or export IDF files and set regions for Routing, Placement, Via, etc.
  • CAM

    Upgraded Full Machine Simulation

    Full Machine Simulation has been upgraded with the newly-added Machine Builder, CNC Controller, Machine Register, various measuring tools, etc.
  • CAM

    Export Operation List to Excel

    The CAM Operation List now can be exported to Excel with customizable templates. You can also show or hide the coordinate in the Excel.
  • CAM

    Arc Fit

    Available in 2-axis Milling, 5-axis Milling and Surface Engraving, Arc Fit helps generate toolpaths of higher precision, delivering more accurate machining results.

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