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  • Baezeni


    Baezeni provides a wide range of services, including IT development, web applications, and the customization and integration of enterprise-level engineering solutions, with an emphasis on 3D engineering modeling and 3D visual presentations.

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  • ApliCAD


    ApliCAD is a computer services company specializing in the implementation of graphic solutions and in the management of databases. By developing customized graphic solutions, it helps increase the productivity of companies.

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  • Designsense Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    Designsense Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    DesignSense Software is a CAD-CAM-GeoData solutions company that offers high-end CAD customization and automation services for the design industry. Its flagship products, CADPower and GeoTools can help ZWCAD users improve productivity.

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  • UBECO GmbH

    UBECO GmbH

    Ubeco specializes in roll forming and has been developing the PROFIL Roll Form Design Software since 1985. PROFIL enables quicker working and cost reductions in planning, design, calculation, drawing of the profile, the flower pattern (bending steps), and the roll tooling.

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  • MATMOR, C.A.

    MATMOR, C.A.

    MATMOR is a Venezuelan consulting company founded in 1998 and dedicated to electrical engineering. Based on GIS, CAD, and CAE technologies, it also develops the "Program for Analysis of Electrical Distribution System Network (PADEE)" which gathers information in the field, draws plans, analyzes data, etc.

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  • AXON-vent


    AXON-vent is an established provider of MEP engineering software for professional HVAC designers. With over 2,000 happy customers worldwide, AXON-vent products and services have proven their effectiveness.

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  • Viskartech


    Founded in 1998, Viskartech specializes in rebar detailing and software development. With years of know-how, Viskartech continues its research and development in 2D rebar detailing and it promises to deliver more value for its global customers continuously as a 3D BIM technology provider.

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  • CogoSoftware


    CogoSoftware provides affordable land surveying and development solutions to surveyors, engineers, architects, and construction professionals for coordinate geometry, digital terrain modeling, and corridor design.

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  • CUBUS Soluções

    CUBUS Soluções

    CUBUS Soluções is a company specializing in developing solutions to link CAD with ERP systems. Its flagship application, eCUBUS Integrator for ZWCAD can be used in various industry segments.

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