Go on a Virtual Tour and Visit 5 Designers’ Favorite Structures

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Go on a Virtual Tour and Visit 5 Designers’ Favorite Structures

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Go on a Virtual Tour and Visit 5 Designers’ Favorite Structures

Corporate 2020-04-23 11:10:00

How many books have you read so far this year? On this special day, the World Book Day, we’d like to inspire you to not only enjoy books more, but also have more experience with the world. As a Chinese saying goes: “It is better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books.”

For those of you who are architects and structural designers, or are interested in related fields, an exciting tour is ready for you. Without further ado, let’s follow 5 designers at ZWSOFT and explore some amazing structures!

Claire He—ZWCAD Product Consultant who picked up architectural design as a Construction Management major and adores the Crosbys

My favorite structure is the Taj Mahal in India. It's a tangible cultural heritage and symbolic Mughal architecture. Commissioned by Shah Jahan the fifth Mughal emperor, it was built to memorialize his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal who passed away after giving birth to their 14th child.

The way I see it, it looks like a lady’s headdress on land, while a lady wearing a headdress in water. Accompanied by four minarets, domes and spires touching the sky, this harmonious symmetrical design gives me a sense of solemnity.

Besides, it is luxurious. The decorative marbles, crystals, jades, emeralds and all the other jewels illustrate Shah Jahan’s love for his wife and the empire’s wealth.

Claire He's Favorite Structure—Taj Mahal

Jayson Feng—ZWSOFT Technical Support Engineer who specialized in designing curtain walls and enjoys singing and slam-dunking

The Liede Bridge is a suspension bridge of beauty and utility. As one of the important traffic arteries, it connects the northern and southern parts of Guangzhou.

Above all, I like the architectural aesthetics it embodies. With a span of 4.3 kilometers, it stands majestically astride the Pearl River. Every time I drive on it and see the inscriptions on the bridge tower become clear, I am in awe of the greatness of Chinese engineers.

What’s more, it is exquisite. The curvy shell-shaped towers and its asymmetrical body demonstrate the brilliance of the designers. When the night falls and the city lights shine, I would stand on the riverside path and admire the night scene nearby. That’s really something.

Jayson Feng's Favorite Structure—Liede Bridge

Kyle He—ZWCAD Product Manager and Sungkyunkwan University alumnus who had worked on municipal railway design projects

I think the Nagoya TV Tower in central Japan is very special. You might be tricked into thinking that this photo was taken at the seaside. But the “sea” is actually a shallow pool on the top floor of a nearby shopping mall—I snapped it while sightseeing. Looking from this angle, the ripples on the pool’s surface are just like the waves of the sea.

Kyle He's favorite structure—Nagoya TV Tower

Makyo Wu—Graphic Designer and die-hard K-pop fan

I find the former YG Entertainment headquarter in South Korea well-designed. Its curvy body is extraordinary and its contour chic and sleek. The sense I have taken away from its cement walls is the purest of aesthetics. It’s plain and simple, firm and steady, solid and somber. Compared with those grand buildings, its industrial style is one of a kind.

Makyo Wu's Favorite Structure—former YG Entertainment headquarter

Victor Gao—The Designer of NLAT (a handy tool for you to manage ZWCAD network licenses) and first-time dad

I took this photo at Tunghai University in Taichung City. If it wasn't for the cross at its top, you might be wondering what it is. The Luce Memorial Chapel is located at the center of the campus. When the sunlight spreads on its golden tiles, you'd just gaze in awe at it. Its spectacular curved structure attracts numerous tourists here. If you have a taste for unusually shaped buildings, you must not miss this one!

Victor Gao's Favorite Structure—Luce Memorial Chapel

Amazing, right? However, just like one can't make bricks without straw, a great CAD tool is indispensable for building excellent structures. Being ZWCAD lovers, they all trust in its AEC design capabilities, such as quick opening speed for large architectural drawings, powerful design functions, rich libraries in Tool Palettes and Design Center, etc. If you are also interested in architectural design, don’t hesitate to try the latest ZWCAD for free!

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