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One Highlight for 2018 ZWCAD Europe Forum

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One Highlight for 2018 ZWCAD Europe Forum

Corporate 2018-06-24 09:00:26
2016 ZWCAD Europe Forum There is an exciting news for the upcoming 2018 ZWCAD Europe Forum -- French Application Partner Meeting has been added to the agenda, with 20 European developers from various industries such as architecture construction, surveying and mapping, civil engineering, heating and ventilation, metal manufacturing, etc. being invited to demonstrate their application products. There is no doubt that excellent API for applications is one of our most important goals. As our CEO Truman always says, “ZWSOFT was born for the industry, and is devoted to serving the industry.” Digging deeper into the industry by providing a variety of vertical solutions is definitely one of the key steps to better serve the industry. So I feel like shouldering a heavy responsibility to make our API better. A recent case inspired me a lot. ZWCAD is cooperating with a huge association for the power industry in China, to help them transfer more than 200 applications from the current CAD platform to ZWCAD. Besides, a number of application products have been successfully ported to ZWCAD one after another, such as Caddossier, Spatial Manager, CivilCAD, MDT, etc. I feel hopeful and motivated about making ZWCAD an excellent platform. Also, making API better on the technical side is only the beginning. The long-term strategy, in my opinion, is to build a harmonious environment and community for all developers in the world to communicate, share and grow together. ZWCAD has actually been doing such kind of thing – we have the ZWCAD Developer Network, a.k.a. ZDN, in which a lot of ZDN members have signed up and shared their applications. As one of ZWSOFT’s missions saying, ZWSOFT aims “to build a sustainable and all-win ecosystem for the design software industry”. The ZDN is also an indispensable part of this “ZWSOFT Ecosystem”. I would like to establish wider and deeper cooperation with more developers from various industries with excellent API and reliable support, and invite them to join the ZDN community, to produce together the products customers really like. I have already expected to talk with the developers in ZEF. See you there, friends!

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