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ZWCAD Received Warm Welcome in São Paulo, Brazil

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ZWCAD Received Warm Welcome in São Paulo, Brazil

Events 2018-06-14 16:06:00

ZWCAD was presented by ZWCAD’s distributor TotalCAD in Brazil from April 10 to 13 at Feicon Batimat 2018, an event that took place at the São Paulo Expo exhibition pavilion.


ZWCAD Brazil Exhibition

Figure 1. TotalCAD - ZWCAD Stand at the Feicon Batimat 2018


It was estimated that the stand attracted more than 8,000 visitors during the four days, among whom were interior designers, builders, engineers and architects from the AEC industry.


Many of them showed strong interests in ZWCAD, the reliable solution for 2D projects and some 3D designs. They like it for its familiar interface, strong .dwg compatibility, easy-to-use commands and powerful features.


The popularity of ZWCAD indicated that its efforts to provide better and better user experience and more reliable products have been recognized by the customers. In view of the hot welcome it received, TotalCAD is planning to hold another exhibition in April next year at the same place. Please stay tuned!


About TotalCAD

As ZWCAD’s distributor in Brazil, TotalCAD specializes in the commercialization of high-performance industry software and solutions that mainly serve the AEC industry.



ZWSOFT (ZWCAD Software Co., Ltd.) is a world-renowned CAD/CAM solutions provider. With a reputation as a committed and reliable provider of CAD/CAM software to the AEC and MCAD industries, ZWSOFT has created design software products that have continuously satisfied the needs of 2D and 3D drafters. With 20 years' experience in CAD industry, our products and service are proven by over 550,000 clients across 80 countries, including US, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, etc.