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ZW3D Attended the International Industrial Fair 2018 Kobe

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ZW3D Attended the International Industrial Fair 2018 Kobe

Events 2018-09-04 10:37:00

From September 6th to 7th, ZW3D’s Japanese reseller CAMCRAFT was present at the International Industrial Fair 2018 Kobe.

ZW3D, leading in CAD/CAM industry, provides affordable and reliable multi-function software for our customers all over the world. Equipped with excellent data translator, flexible modeling tool and versatile 3D CAM platform, ZW3D aims to give the best solutions. Focused on efficiency and effectiveness, ZW3D offers the users a chance to get maximum gain with minimum pain.



This fair gave ZW3D great opportunity to show our talent and capability. It also witnessed the growth of ZW3D in the overseas market. We happily provided our customers with reliable and affordable products, and offered great solutions to anyone who are interested in CAD/CAM. 


About the International Industrial Fair 2018 Kobe

The International Industrial Fair 2018 Kobe will feature a diverse program of keynote and special lectures as well as various seminars and networking events, centering on showcasing frontier technology from companies, universities and research institutions, and exhibiting items that will spur the creation of new businesses. The Fair will also provide participants with opportunities for technical exchanges and business matching.


the International Industrial Fair 2018 Kobe


September 6 - 7, 10:00-17:00


Kobe International Exhibition Hall No. 2 Building (Kobe Port Island)


Kobe city Chuo-ku, Minatojimakucho cho 6-1 chome 11-1

Booth No

No. D-35


For more information, please contact our local reseller:

Address: 大阪市北区豊崎2-11-1セレコート中津4F〒531-0072

Phone: 06-4802-3660



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