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NITROSOFT Showed ZW3D’s Unique Features in KOFAS 2018

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NITROSOFT Showed ZW3D’s Unique Features in KOFAS 2018

Events 2018-10-10 15:42:29

From Sep 11th to 14th, ZW3D reseller NITROSOFT attended KOFAS 2018 held in KINTEX. The demonstration of ZW3D’s powerful functions and the concept of 'infinity CAD' has inspired the visitors.


Nowadays, more and more enterprises are looking for an all-in-one solution to improve the productivity of the manufacturing process. Software equipped with complete functions from design to manufacture is in great demand. Among all the CAD/CAM solutions, ZW3D stands out thanks to its powerful functions, competitive price and strong technological backup.


KOFAS 2018 is the most comprehensive Factory Automation Systems Show in Korea. Over 1300 people visited ZW3D booth in the exhibition and showed great interest in our product.


The demonstration of ZW3D’s powerful and unique functions has attracted great attention from the public. various ZW3D features such as compatibility of other CAD program, assembly design, and 2D conversion of 3D modeling were introduced. As a fully compatible all-in-one 3D modeling program, ZW3D provides reliable service at affordable price. Caring for customers’ user experience, we have prepared abundant learning resources and collecting customers’ feedback to improve ourselves.


Furthermore, the concept of 'infinity CAD(무한캐드)',which means to provide a permanent version that can be used for a lifetime, has raised the curiosity of customers. Know more about 'infinity CAD'.

About KOFAS Seoul 2018

KOFAS Seoul 2018 is the most comprehensive and the most credited Factory Automation Systems Show in Korea. Being the 18th show this year, International Factory Automation System Show 2018 Korea (KOFAS 2018) is a leading exhibition specializing in Automation System.



KOFAS 2018


Sep   11-14


KINTEX the 1st Exhibition Hall 4, 5


Daehwa-dong Ilsan-seogu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Seoul


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Address: 6F Daedong B/D, 999-6 Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Phone: +82(2)565-4123



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