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ZW3D to present at Manufacturing Expo 2014 Thailand

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ZW3D to present at Manufacturing Expo 2014 Thailand

Events 2014-03-19 10:39:15


From June 19 to 22, ZW3D CAD/CAM presented again on Manufacturing Expo, one of the largest annual Asia manufacturing & supporting industries event with 51,563 people attended, in Thailand. In this event, hundreds of visitors are impressed by the demonstration of latest ZW3D, an integrated CAD/CAM solution to realize innovative design ideas and boost manufacturing efficiency with the powerful Solid-Surface Hybrid Modeling and smart QuickMill technology.

About Manufacturing Expo

50,000 industrialists from across ASEAN will discover new levels of production and product value at Thailand’s only Auto- and Industrial Parts Manufacturing Technology Exhibition “Manufacturing Expo 2014 (ME)” which comprises 4 shows, 3 co-located shows and a featured pavilion with strong international presence and participations as the Show has seen ever-increasing numbers of global providers and overseas buyers.


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