ZW3D showed at INDUSTRIE LYON 2015, France

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ZW3D showed at INDUSTRIE LYON 2015, France

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ZW3D showed at INDUSTRIE LYON 2015, France

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ZW3D presented its latest CAD/CAM technology at INDUSTRIE LYON 2015 on April 07 - 10, 2015. It was a professional manufacturing technologies exhibition, which would group together all solutions in terms of equipment, components, products and services for stages of industrial manufacturing, from design through to production.

Located each even-numbered year in Paris, and each odd-numbered year in Lyon, this event gathers the largest groups and stands out as the main event of the Industry, with 850 exhibitors catering for 20, 000 professional visitors.. In 2015, INDUSTRIE will take place in LYON from the 7th to the 10th of April: 4 days to discover endless possibilities and to help our visitors to get ready for the future.

There were three booths showing ZW3D on sites. They had given ZW3D demos about the new features of ZW3D 2015 which were required in the daily CAD/CAM works, such as improvements of file mangement, part modeling, assembly, weldment, drafting, roughing and many tool-path calculation.

Figure 1-3. ZW3D showed at INDUSTRIE LYON 2015, France


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