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ZW3D was Shown in Thailand

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ZW3D was Shown in Thailand

Events 2017-12-04 08:56:34



From November 21-24, ZW3D was put on display in Metalex Thailand 2017 by Xian Jin, our Authorized Distributor.


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The industrial event named Metalex Thailand occupied a significant place in the heart of industrial sector which showed wide ranges of industrials and automation tools.


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In the 4-day event, ZW3D professional engineers provided small seminars to visitors who showed their interest in the latest features. Surprised by the smooth workflow and powerful CAD/CAM kernal, some visitors directly purchased ZW3D on the spot. 


For more information about ZW3D product information, please contact our local reseller:

Xian Jin (ZW3D Authorized Distributor)

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