ZWSOFT and Gazi University Collaborate to Empower the Next Generation of Engineers with ZW3D

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ZWSOFT and Gazi University Collaborate to Empower the Next Generation of Engineers with ZW3D

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ZWSOFT and Gazi University Collaborate to Empower the Next Generation of Engineers with ZW3D

Events 2023-11-16 10:44:00
On November 1, 2023, ZWSOFT, a reliable provider of all-in-one CAx solutions, joined forces with Gazi University's Faculty of Technology and ZWSOFT's Turkish partner ASP Yazılım, to host a seminar showcasing ZW3D's capabilities in streamlining the entire product development process.

Figure 1. ZW3D Seminar at Gazi University


Located in the heart of Ankara, Gazi University stands as one of Turkey's pioneering universities. Renowned for its commitment to producing qualified individuals across diverse fields, the university's collaboration with ZWSOFT represents a forward-thinking approach to integrating cutting-edge technology into academic curricula, ensuring students are equipped with the skills demanded by today's rapidly evolving engineering industry.

The seminar, held at Gazi University's beautiful campus, brought together 166 enthusiastic students and over 10 esteemed teachers eager to explore the robust features of ZW3D. The event commenced with a welcoming address by Prof. Dr. İhsan Korkut, Head of Manufacturing Engineering Department, underscoring the significance of advanced design and production tools in today's engineering landscape. Following this, Gretta MAO, Country Manager of Turkey at ZWSOFT, provided an insightful overview of ZWSOFT's commitment to cutting-edge CAD/CAE/CAM solutions and its vision for the future.

Figure 2. Prof. Dr. İhsan Korkut, Head of Manufacturing Engineering Department at Gazi University


The seminar reached its peak with SAVAŞ YALÇIN and Ceyhun ÖZİGCİ, experts from ASP Yazılım, presented a captivating demonstration of ZW3D's CAD and CAM modules, highlighting its ease of use and powerful features. Attendees witnessed firsthand the software's robust capabilities through a real-life workflow, illustrating how ZW3D can empower industry professionals in design and manufacturing with its features like solid-surface hybrid modeling, 2-5 axis machining and specialized tools for sheet metal, molds and more.

Figure 3. ZW3D Demonstration by experts from ASP Yazılım


Impressed by ZW3D's outstanding capabilities, Dr.Yunus KAYIR, a prominent professor expressed, "ZW3D proves to be an accessible and user-friendly CAD/CAM software. Its intuitive design kindles enthusiasm among students in mastering the software and related skills. Notably, ZW3D offers an optimal performance-to-price ratio, positioning it as an effective 3D solution that our students can introduce to their future employers, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency within businesses."

The seminar concluded with a lucky draw session, where 20 students were awarded exciting prizes, including free product training at ASP Yazılım, job recommendations, and more, fostering a sense of excitement and engagement among the attendees.

Figure 4. Group photo of lucky draw winners and seminar organizers


This informative seminar underscores a shared commitment between ZWSOFT and Gazi University to advancing education and empowering the next generation of engineers with the latest technologies and knowledge. This event is part of ZWSOFT's ongoing efforts to bridge the gap between academia and industry, providing students with the tools and skills they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving society.


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