ZWSOFT x APLITOP Joint Webinar: Streamlining Your Workflow in Surveying and Civil Projects

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ZWSOFT x APLITOP Joint Webinar: Streamlining Your Workflow in Surveying and Civil Projects

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ZWSOFT x APLITOP Joint Webinar: Streamlining Your Workflow in Surveying and Civil Projects

Partners 2023-10-26 11:00:00

On 26 September, 2023, ZWSOFT partnered with Aplitop, a leading solution provider in surveying and civil engineering, to hold a joint webinar to demonstrate how ZWCAD 2024 and APLITOP applications can streamline your workflow in surveying and civil projects.

The webinar attracted an impressive audience of nearly 100 attendees from many countries including Poland, Germany, the UK, Hungary, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, and the US.

Aplitop is a leading solution provider in the sector of surveying and civil engineering with flagship products including TcpMDT, Tcp PointCloud Editor and TcpGPS.  

The ecosystem of Aplitop applications, together with ZWCAD, provides an integral solution for surveying and civil engineering projects. It consists of three fundamental stages: 

1. Reality capture. TcpGPS allows connection with GNSS receivers of different brands and collects data quickly and easily. Meanwhile, other tools facilitate the calculation of total station observations, and the management of massive data based on point clouds from 3D scanners or drones.

2. Data processing and mapping. The data is imported in TcpMDT Standard on ZWCAD, automatically generating the digital terrain model, profiles and project cartography. In addition, the ability to visualize dense point clouds in ZWCAD 2024 allows comparison with LiDAR data of the working area. The LiDAR data can be complemented with information measured from fixed or SLAM scanners and edited by Tcp PointCloud Editor.

3. Project design and stakeout. Once the data from different sources are processed, TcpMDT Professional on ZWCAD facilitates the design of the final solution for terrain and infrastructure. It also generates plans, 3D models, quantity take-off reports, and more, which can be exported to GIS, BIM, and other formats. Finally, the resulting project is loaded into TcpGPS and staked out in the field for the start of the works.

Ecosystem of APLITOP applications 

Figure 1. Ecosystem of APLITOP applications 

The webinar held last month served as an excellent platform to showcase the advantages of ZWCAD 2024 and APLITOP applications. In this webinar, we presented the Aplitop ecosystem running on the latest version of ZWCAD 2024 with an emphasis on the new point cloud feature. You can see the workflow of Aplitop applications for terrain analysis, seamlessly integrating data from GNSS topographic surveys, LIDAR point clouds, and SLAM scanners, along with project design and tools for site layout.

If you missed the webinar or would like to review its content, don't worry. We have recorded the entire session for your convenience. Watch the recording below: 

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Headquartered in Spain, Aplitop is a leading solution provider in the sector of surveying and civil engineering. APLITOP has more than 20,000 users and an extensive distribution network across 86 countries. The design of Aplitop products makes them exceptionally easy to learn and simple to use, in a variety of different languages. Learn More

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