New structural design software for ZWCAD 2011

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New structural design software for ZWCAD 2011

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New structural design software for ZWCAD 2011

Products 2011-06-24 16:09:00

Proektsoft officially launched an international version of Design Expert 2.0 structural software for ZWCAD 2011. The software package includes applications for design and automated detailing of reinforced concrete and steel elements: foundations, columns, shear walls, beams, stairs, slabs etc.

Figure 1. ZWCAD 2011

Applications are quick and easy to use with nice and friendly graphical user interface. They have their own embedded CAD environment that allows you to quickly review and modify drawings before export them to ZWCAD. All calculations are to Eurocode. You can print them to professional looking html reports. Theoretical background and many worked examples are presented in detailed user manuals.

Design Expert 2.0 includes two free applications:

Reinforcement Detailing for ZWCAD 2011allows you to quickly draw, edit and schedule reinforcement bars and shear links directly in ZWCAD.

With Steel Structures for ZWCAD 2011 you can draw steel elements in 2D and 3D. You can automatically generate 2D plans, sections and elevations out of the 3D models.

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