Sweet Home Uses ZWCAD for Design

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Sweet Home Uses ZWCAD for Design

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Sweet Home Uses ZWCAD for Design

Products 2011-05-13 19:04:00

Guangzhou, China, May 13, 2011– Sweet Home is a factory in Bulgaria that produces prefabricated houses. When a design is ready, the drawings and specifications are sent to a factory where all of the floors, walls, and roofs are produced as prefabricated panels. These panels include structural frames,insulations, pipes, wires, boards, cladding and finishes, doors, and windows. Meanwhile, foundations are cast on site, so when a house is ready, it is delivered and assembled on site in just a few days. All of this requires design and specifications to be prepared quickly and precisely.

Figure1. ZWCAD for Design

“Even the smallest error in a design can cause a loss of labor, materials, and other problems leading to a delay of the entire project,” says Mr. Galin Nenov, CEO of Sweet Home,“that is why we chose ZWCAD to be the CAD platform for our design. A combination of reliability, rich functionality and price were the deciding factors to lead us to choose ZWCAD. The local reseller Proektsoft, also had a long-honored tradition of excellent customer support, so in the end, the decision was rather easy for us.”

Proektsoft, ZWSOFT authorized reseller in Bulgaria, developed a custom add-on for Sweet Home prefabricated house design. Now, most of the process is highly automated, design timeisshortened significantly and the risk for errors is taken to its minimum.

Figure 2. ZWCAD for Design

The Proektsoft add-on allows the designer to work with the elements as if they were objects, making the process done quicker. A designer only needs to select the shape and material, and then click one point to draw structural columns, or two points to draw beams and bracings. Windows and doors are standard and inserted as 3D blocks, while special commands allow the designer to easily draw boards with complex shapes and openings. The objects are grouped to form prefabricated walls, floors, and roof panels. Fabrication drawings, specifications, and BOM for panels are generated automatically from the 3D model. Output data is sent to the automated production line through the web interface. This saves a lot of time and helps prevent errors.


About Proektsoft Ltd.

Founded in 2008, Proektsoft Ltd. is a young and innovative company that specializes in developing and designing software to serve the specific requirements of customers. Their software has been 

implemented in more than one hundred different large and small offices, engineering companies, and construction companies. http://www.proektsoft-bg.com/



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