ZWSOFT Announces the Winners of its ZW3D Design Contest 2011

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ZWSOFT Announces the Winners of its ZW3D Design Contest 2011

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ZWSOFT Announces the Winners of its ZW3D Design Contest 2011

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WALL-E Makes his Debut as the Winner of ZWSOFT’s ZW3D Design Contest 

Guangzhou, China: January 17, 2012 -- ZWSOFT, a leading supplier of 2D and 3D CAD/CAM solutions announced the winners of its ZW3D Design Contest 2011In September, ZWSOFT invited its users to participate in a contest revolving around the theme, Cleaning up the World, to conclude the celebration of Clean up the World Weekend 2011.

ZWSOFT was thrilled with the response of over 400 participants from around the world who signed up to create a design with the ZW3D software. There were many creative designs and ideas, but there could only be 3 winners. ZWSOFT judged the entries based on sustainability, aesthetics, creativity, and manufacturability. The judge panel consisted of:  Colin Lin, the ZW3D Technical Manager, Mike Lynch, a ZW3D Technical Expert and Jeff Rowe, the Editorial Director of MCADCafe.

The design with the highest number of votes was the Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class or WALL-E, designed by Yin Weiqiang, who received an iPhone 4S as well as an award certificate.  Colin Lin, ZW3D Technical Manager at ZWSOFT stated, “State of the art and attractive design, universal device is the future of the human’s imagination. The idea of WALL-E is really nice and exciting to see how it goes for the environment.”

 Figure 1. ZW3D Design

One of the winning designsselected by the judge panel is the Air-tree-lamp, created by Zhang Xiaoming, who won an iPad2 with an award certificate from ZWSOFT. Jeff Rowe from MCADCafe said, “Aesthetics are nice with non-symmetry of LED lights. I like this multi-functionality of lighting and seatand it is relatively easy to manufacture.”


 Figure2. ZW3D Design

 Figure 3. ZW3D Design

Anotherdesign picked by the judges was the Animal shelter quarantine designed by Stefan Vargo, who also received an iPad2 and a certificate from ZWSOFT. Jeff Rowe commented, “Good concept. Modularity makes it easily manufactured and assembled. Am assuming center roof potion would be transparent or translucent material, and all wiring would be routed under/through floor. ”

Congratulations to the winners! ZWSOFT would like to thank all of the participants who made this contest a success.


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