ZWCAD & Hope Technologies Find Success in India

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ZWCAD & Hope Technologies Find Success in India

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ZWCAD & Hope Technologies Find Success in India

Products 2012-10-31 15:26:00

ZWSOFT’s exclusive distributor in India, Hope is focused on providing cost-effective CAD solutions to customers in India and internationally. They’ve been partnering with ZWSOFT for over 4 years and because of it, have seen their business grow by leaps and bounds.  Now, Hope has a team of 18 dedicated sales and technical staff while they also appointed and trained 20 channel partners who actively sell ZWSOFT products in India.

 “Our strength is creating the appropriate strategy to enter and sustain the market.” Stated Jacob Panamthanath, CEO of Hope Technologies. Their market journey has been very interesting.


The Indian Market
In India, Autodesk is the dominant player and has more than 80% of the market share. Unlike in other countries where Autodesk has on average 60-65%. Almost all the technical colleges and private training institutes in India only train people in AutoCAD.

Many have tried to introduce different products, but most have failed to make a significant dent in the Indian market due to reliability issues. Because of this, CAD customers are hesitant and not willing to take a risk with new products.

Nevertheless, Hope decided that with the right product, and right strategy, they could be successful.  And that is just what happened.

Hope’s Strategy and Persistence Pays Off

In the first year, Hope pitched ZWCAD as an effective replacement ofAutoCAD, and not LT. In order for customers to feel ZWCAD’s power, they created a dedicated team to helps customers transfer their existing LISP programs to ZWCAD.  They also linked existing excel and database applications. This enabled Hope to not only fight only on the price stage, but on ZWCAD’s technical strength as well. In order to effectively spread the word about ZWCAD, Hope did a large number of seminars all across India and targeted a specific market segment which gave them reasonable success.

Over the next 3 years, Hope implemented and experimented with other strategies, trying to find what worked best for ZWCAD in India.  They reached out to over a hundred thousand companies and introduced ZWCAD in over 40 seminars in just one year. During this time, they were hit with an obstacle. The leading CAD provider in India dropped their prices and declared a price war with their competitors.  Hope would not give up, they just worked harder. They did not want to be one of the companies that failed because a large rival pushed them aside.  So Hope strategized and introduced a 3 year subscription plan where customers receive yearly upgrades for a greatly reduced price, while at the same time Hope assured their customers about their long term commitment to them, and ZWCAD.

This plan worked, so Hope decided to open up to the mechanical and plant design market. Because of their mature sales and tech team, they were able to give continuous support and expand their market, even alluring large multi-nationals. Always looking to give added value to their customers, Hope started working with third party developers and developed a few applications themselves.  Education is important and Hope believed in the future generation of CAD students and ZWCAD. Therefore, they began to work with private training institutes, allowing students to train on 2D CAD using ZWCAD.

All of these efforts grew ZWCAD’s name in India and it is now known as a powerful cost-effective 2D CAD solution. Hope has worked tirelessly to spread knowledge about how ZWCAD can not only save users money, but also offer legal CAD software with advanced features that can get the job done.

Happy Customers

One of Hopes customers, the Licensed Engineers and Supervisors Federation (LENSFED) in Kerala, choose ZWCAD for its capability and compatibility of AutoDCR, industry standards and Hope’s outstanding customer support. After purchasing ZWCAD, Hope helped with the set up and installation of the software and was always on hand to provide technical support and answer any questions.

Figure 1. The event site

Truman Du, CEO of ZWSOFT stated, “ZWSOFT is proud to have knowledgeable, experienced and helpful local distributors like Hope, all over the world to offer support to our customers, like LENSFED.” Hope tends to go above and beyond for their customers, making sure they are happy and helping in any way they can. This is what makes them and ZWCAD stand out in India’s tough CAD market.

ZWSOFT & Hope, a Successful Partnership

ZWSOFT and Hope went into business together over 4 years ago. Time has flown by and together they’ve managed to accomplish the impossible. Without constant communication, trust and support, things might have turned out differently. “ZWSOFT has always kept their confidence in Hope to grow the business in India, despite the number of resellers approaching them wanting to be a direct partner,” Stated Jacob Panamthanathof Hope Technologies.

Hope has gone above and beyond in their work and partnership with ZWSOFT and because of this, won multiple awards including, partner of the year, great tech support to over 6,000 users and best technical insider.  All of this is a testament to Hope’s commitment to their customers and ZWCAD.

Figure 2. The event site

Looking forward, ZWSOFT and Hope plan to expand ZWCAD’s customer base in India. With the recent release of ZWCAD+ with a whole new engine, Hope believes that they will surpass dominant competitors in features, reliability and speed.


ZWSOFT is a world-renowned CAD/CAM solutions provider for the AEC and MCAD industries, with over 320,000 clients in more than 80 countries. ZWSOFT's products, ZWCAD and ZW3D, have satisfied the needs of 2D and 3D designers for over a decade.

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