GPC 2013: Closer Partnerships Take ZWCAD Products to New Heights

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GPC 2013: Closer Partnerships Take ZWCAD Products to New Heights

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GPC 2013: Closer Partnerships Take ZWCAD Products to New Heights

Products 2013-04-26 15:04:00

Guangzhou, China: April 26, 2013 ZWSOFT, a leading supplier of recognized CAD/CAM solutions for theAEC and MCAD industries, awarded its best partners at GPC 2013 for bringing ZWCAD products to new heights in the global market. The conference also witnessed ZWSOFT and its global partners grow stronger and learn from each other, reinforcing their position as the world’s leading suppliers of CAD/CAM solution.


Growing Up Together with ZWCAD Global Partners

“Together, we are stronger” was indicated in the theme of this year’s conference. ZWSOFT has developed a stronger product mix to meet diverse design needs together with global partners. By now, it has more than 150 partners in over 80 countries, contributing to the distribution and promotion of ZWCAD Family products. ZWCAD have been treasuring global partners, who offered great help to boost the development of its global business, making ZWCAD what it is like today.

Figure 1. Excellent Partners in GPC Award Ceremony


Mutual Benefit for Both Global Partners and ZWCAD

ZW-France, one of the awarded partners at GPC 2013, has witnessed ZWCAD’s rapid development in the French market. Even though things were not easy at the beginning, they managed to grow at a steady rate under fierce competition. They believed the market is driven by customers. In order to provide the most professional and updated technical support, they maintained close communication with ZWCAD to make sure they got the latest product information. ZW-France is also a major contributor who helps boost the evolution of ZWCAD. Every time when a new version is released, they always provide the fastest and the most detailed and systematic testing report. Their user feedbacks are essential reference for product upgrades, offering great help to improve the performance and quality of ZWCAD. It is under this mutual benefit that ZW-France successfully entered and expanded in the French market.

 Video. Mr. Patrick Miault, Director of ZW France, having an interview with ZWSOFT

“As a software company to provide reliable solutions, we are always taking a careful and demanding attitude for our work to meet user’s need,” said Patrick Miault, Director of ZW France. “Being responsible for our users and listening to them is our business philosophy.”


From Partnership to Friendship

Most of the partners have had excellent co-operation with ZWSOFT for years and become very good friends. At GPC 2013, ZWSOFT had a chance to host the friends at the cocktail party and thank-you banquet. ZWSOFT staff as well as overseas partners presented wonderful performances and had fun together, fully immersing themselves in the enthusiasm of the party. Partners also invited ZWSOFT members for a tour around the city, showing cordial hospitality that deeply impressed ZWSOFT members.

Figure 2. Partners were Enjoying Themselves at GPC Thank You Banquet

Kingdom Lin, General Manager of ZWCAD Overseas Business, said, “ZWSOFT cannot make so many achievements without our overseas partners. This year, I’m very delighted to see so many excellent partners like ZW-France making breakthroughs in the global market. Thanks for their contribution and we will make every effort to let them enjoy being part of the ZWSOFT family.”



ZWSOFT is a leading supplier of CAD/CAM solutions for the AEC and MCAD industries, with over 320,000 users in over 80 countries. ZWSOFT's products, ZWCAD and ZW3D, have been satisfying the needs of 2D and 3D designers for over a decade. ZWSOFT's major clients include Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Panasonic, Carrefour, and Saint-Gobain.




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