Behind GPC 2013: The Bitter-sweet Story of 100 ZWSOFT Young Staff

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Behind GPC 2013: The Bitter-sweet Story of 100 ZWSOFT Young Staff

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Behind GPC 2013: The Bitter-sweet Story of 100 ZWSOFT Young Staff

Products 2013-05-06 14:24:00

Guangzhou, China: May 6, 2013 --GPC 2013, an annual gathering for ZWSOFT global partners to exchange ideas about product development and business opportunities, concluded satisfactorily in applauses and cheers. While behind the curtain, there is the unsung heroes—the 100 ZWSOFT young staff, who have worked tirelessly for over 3 months and put together their minds to ensure the success of the conference. More than 100 partners from 32 countries and regions have expressed their appreciation for these heroes behind the scene.


Preparing GPC: Toughness and Pleasure

As the most important annual event, GPC is always a big and perfect stage for the young staff to express their personalities and talents. Representing the future of ZWSOFT, some 100 young staff assumed the responsibility of this great work. Every detail, from keynote speech discussion and rehearsal, to venue selection and decoration, has been well-designed to give a professional and impressive experience to partners.

Figure 1. ZWSOFT Young Staff is Discussing on the GPC Preparation Details


During the three-month preparation, though everything stayed within schedule, to ensure perfectness, no one knows how many modifications of speech contents have been made to ensure the quality of the presentation, how many rehearsals of award ceremony have been organized to make sure every detail is well considered and how many free talk topics have been changed to make them fruitful and beneficial. During the tough three-month period, the young staff clubed ideas and exertions to combat every difficulty. Their work was proven by the consummate conclusion of the big day.


The Big Day: Tearful Moment Worth All the Hard Work

After long preparation, ZWSOFT unveiled the most exciting part of GPC where they managed to present the result of their extraordinary efforts in the past three months. On the stage, ZWSOFT management team made a stirring speech about the remarkable achievements made together with global partners. At the same time, groups of young people were carrying out their responsibilities behind the scene to ensure the conference to run smoothly. Some of them were listening to every word of the keynote speaker and made adjustment to PPT, sound and lighting, while the others were busily preparing tea break and live demo. When hearing the conference successfully concluded, they were so moved that everyone was surrounded by cheers and hugs.

Figure 2. The Happy Moment of GPC Worth All the Hard Work


After the Day: Rewarded with Cheers, Happiness and Recognitions

After a whole day’s hard work, these young people had fun with global partners and fully enjoy at the thank-you banquet. Cheers, songs and applauses bring the banquet to climax. Some partners were affected by the enthusiasm and presented exciting dancing to thank ZWSOFT staff for everything they have done for them. This banquet is not only for ZWSOFT partners but also for their team members.

Figure 3. 100 ZWSOFT Young Staff behind GPC 2013


For these young people, to make such a global event a success was tough, but they believed that the success of GPC 2013 was worth of their effort and dedication. For ZWSOFT, a group of new energy is growing to bring its development to the very next level.


About Global Partner Conference

The ZWSOFT Global Partner Conference (GPC) is an annual gathering for its global partners to exchange ideas about product development. The 2013 conference will take place on March 25th-27th in Guangzhou, China.




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