ZWSOFT Blog is Here!

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ZWSOFT Blog is Here!

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ZWSOFT Blog is Here!

Products 2018-05-23 15:05:00

GUANGZHOU, China: May 23, 2018 ZWSOFT Blog was launched today. It is a non-official platform for worldwide CADers to receive needed information and learning resources, and network and communicate with each other freely, so as to establish a more closely-related ecosystem for the design software industry.


zwsoft blog

Figure 1. ZWSOFT Blog 


What can you do in ZWSOFT Blog?

- Know more about the behind-the-scenes of new releases, events, etc., and interpret what’s happening to ZWSOFT and the industry from different angles.

- Know how your industry peers design with ZWSOFT, to get some practical tips from them and apply to your own work.

- Get relevant learning resources conveniently including new features, shortcut keys, etc., and discuss and share with other CADers.

- Read the interviews with various CADers from ZWSOFT and the industry as well, to know their views or feelings about their work and life.


 zwsoft blog

Figure 2. ZWSOFT Blog 



ZWSOFT hopes to build a harmonious and mutually beneficial CAD community in which CADers can get what they really need, solve practical problems and make friends. Useful and interesting CAD contents will be released successively, please wait and see!

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