2018 ZWCAD Asia Forum – Ready for the Brand New Journey

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2018 ZWCAD Asia Forum – Ready for the Brand New Journey

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2018 ZWCAD Asia Forum – Ready for the Brand New Journey

Products 2018-06-08 16:55:00

GUANGZHOU, China: June 8, 2018 – 2018 ZWCAD Asia Forum was held successfully in Da Nang, Vietnam today, with clients and partners from Asia and ZWCAD team gathering together to share, learn and discuss important topics.



Figure 1. 2018 ZWCAD Asia Forum 


In the morning, Truman Du, CEO of ZWSOFT made a stirring and inspiring speech to share the business vision and strategies of ZWSOFT.


For the past 20 years, he concluded the great achievements ZWSOFT has made and thanked everyone for their hard work.


For the future of ZWSOFT, he insisted that ZWSOFT will continue to focus on all-in-one CAX solutions – “It is easier for our customers to manage the data exchange when all CAX products come from the same supplier: ZWSOFT.” But at the same time, he showed strong confidence in the 2D CAD market and will keep investing in the R&D of ZWCAD.


For the positioning of ZWSOFT, he regarded “reliability” as what ZWSOFT will going to be at the new starting point – “This is not just a slogan. It will be an action guide for the whole company in everything we do.” ZWSOFT will spare no effort to keep improving the quality of products and providing good service.


ZWCAD Asia Forum-CEO

Figure 2. Truman, CEO of ZWSOFT, was making a speech about business vision and strategies of ZWSOFT


After Truman's speech, Daniel Huang, the Product Manager of ZWCAD, demonstrated ZWCAD's product roadmap.


For the preview of the upcoming ZWCAD 2019, new functions such as PDF Underlay, Annotative Objects, Smart Plot, etc. and many other improvements will be available.


For the future ZWCAD, it will be reliable, innovative, connected and friendly, with quality and user experience as the priority.


ZWCAD Asia Forum-Product Manager

Figure 3. Daniel, Product Manager of ZWCAD, was demonstrating ZWCAD product roadmap


The atmosphere became more cheerful when entering into the prize awarding part. ZWCAD's Indian partner HOPE Technologies Private Limited, Korean partner ZWCAD Korea Co., Ltd. and Taiwanese partner SoftApply International Corp. were awarded the 2017 ZWCAD Excellent Partners. Congratulations!


ZWCAD Asia Forum-Partners

Figure 4. Winners of 2017 ZWCAD Excellent Partners


In the afternoon, free talk was held between attendees and ZWCAD team to discuss about the sticking points and share experience for business success.





Figure 5. 2018 ZWCAD Asia Forum 


 2018 ZWCAD Asia Forum was a good start of 2018 ZWCAD Regional Forums, which were held in this significant year – ZWSOFT’s 20th anniversary, marking a new journey for ZWSOFT. Better product, better service, ZWSOFT is ready!

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