ZW3D CAD/CAM Gives Matsuya Machinery a Competitive Edge

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ZW3D CAD/CAM Gives Matsuya Machinery a Competitive Edge

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ZW3D CAD/CAM Gives Matsuya Machinery a Competitive Edge

Products 2013-02-08 11:30:00

Guangzhou, China: February 8, 2013ZWSOFT, the leading supplier of CAD/CAMsolutions to the AEC and MCAD industry, today announced that its ZW3D CAD/CAM product has been selected by Matsuya Machinery for designing its knitting machinery.

Matsuya Machinery (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. specializes in flat knitting machines and glove knitting machines. The manufacturer has been producing the machines since its founding in 1946. The expertise Matsuya attained through its longevity leads it to demand high levels of quality in every aspect of its business, ranging from the software it employs through to its after-sales service network. Strict quality control has allowed Matsuya Machinery to establish a high reputation among its customers throughout the world.


The Need

The knitting machine industry has specific characteristics and tough requirements. The machines require high precision and excellent accuracy for producing knitted goods, yet have very short design cycles. The development cost for these machines is high and so needs to be strictly controlled.

For Matsuya Machinery to keep its leadership position while meeting these tough requirements, it purchased in 2008 top-notch CNC machining equipment from Japan. The company needed to find a professional 3D CAD/CAM software package that would suit its need to fully utilize these cutting-edge machines. As it looked for new software, one of the most crucial features it sought was an all-in-one CAD/CAM system that would help the company achieve a higher level of efficiency.


The Solution

Matsuya surveyed and researched all of the major 3D MCAD software programs available to it. ZW3D emerged as the primary contender as the company became increasingly impressed by the many features it would be able to implement, especially in the area of seamless data connection.

After rounds of comprehensive testing and evaluation, the engineers at Matsuya Machinery gave their impressions of ZW3D by stating, “When conducting 3D CAD design, the unique Overdrive kernel used by ZW3D is just as good as the kernels found in other MCAD software, such as Pro/Engineer, NX, and SolidWorks. As for CAM functions, ZW3D edits crucial parts such as cams, connecting rods, and wallboards, which greatly enhances our production speed and flexibility. The software reduces working hours and the amount of material consumed in production.”


The Price

In the highly competitive market of 3D CAD, an important factor that every company needs to address is cost. Compared to other, more expensive 3D MCAD packages, ZW3D’s reasonable price allows Matsuya Machinery to remain competitive even as it meets the company’s requirements.

ZWSOFT’s friendly upgrade policy gives the company flexibility, as it is not forced to make future updates that it might not need. This further reduces its software costs, allowing Matsuya Machinery to place more capital and resources in other areas.


The Service

After Matsuya Machinery chose ZW3D as its design software for CNC machining, a ZW3D training team was formed to help integrate the software into the company’s daily work flow. ZWSOFT provides a comprehensive service customized to greatly reduce the initial time lost when new software is introduced, helping avoid any mistakes that may be created through unfamiliarity with the software.

Matsuya Machinery engineer Mr. Zhou thought highly of the customized training when he said, “The ZW3D technical team provided us with very helpful training services, and solved our problems efficiently. Even on-site training was provided, and this is what I am most satisfied about.”

Due to Matsuya Machinery’s choice in the right software, it now successfully produces quality knitting machines within a tighter budget, giving the company an edge in the industry. Since being implemented, ZW3D has proven that its seamless CAD/CAM data connection not only meets the needs of Matsuya, but exceeded its exacting requirements.


Win a Free License by Becoming a ZW3D 2013 Beta Tester

When ZWSOFT officially released the beta version of ZW3D 2013, the company also launched a raffle towards a free license of the software. Everyone who downloads the software and writes a beta report is entered to win! Visit the raffle page for more information about this campaign.

ZW3D 2013 is improved in areas such as better sketching, a more flexible history manager, and simplified machining tools. Its friendlier user interface helps users to streamline design workflow, improve product quality, and accelerate time to market. Click here to learn more about ZW3D 2013 beta.


Upgrade Protection for to ZW3D 2012 Customers

From now until when ZW3D 2013 is officially launched, customers who purchase ZW3D 2012 will be able to upgrade to ZW3D 2013 for free. This special offer applies to customers of Lite, Standard, Professional, Premium, 2X Machining, 3X Machining, and 5X Machining versions. To submit your free upgrade request, you can email us at or click here to learn more about this offer.


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ZW3D is cost-effective CAD/CAM software for 3D modeling, mold design, and machining from ZWSOFT. It takes engineers from concept to finished product in a single, easy-to-use, collaborative environment. Learn more about ZW3D from .


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