China National 3D Industrial Design Challenge: ZW3D Assisted Users to Hit Peak

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China National 3D Industrial Design Challenge: ZW3D Assisted Users to Hit Peak

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China National 3D Industrial Design Challenge: ZW3D Assisted Users to Hit Peak

Products 2014-07-22 13:39:00

Guangzhou, China: July 22, 2014 ZW3D, one of the world's leading suppliers of advanced CAD/CAM solutions for the manufacturing industry, today announced that it has assisted competitors to win 4 big prizes in China National 3D Industrial Design Competition.

This National 3D Industrial Design Challenge is definitely the biggest event in Chinese CAD/CAM industry, hosted by MIIT (a government bureau named Ministry of Industry and Information Technology), ISPA (China Industrial Software Promotion Association), along with mainstream 3D CAD/CAM providers, like ZWSOFT. Chinese government managed to bring together 2,000 competitors, including professional designers, school teachers and CAD/CAM enthusiasts, in this challenge, in a bid to expand the application of industrial software and improve the R&D of domestic 3D CAD/CAM platforms.

Recently, the challenge came to a successful conclusion with hundreds of delicate designs. Winners were awarded on the 5th Session of China Industrial Software Development Forum in Beijing, with ZW3D users took 1 first prize, 4 third prizes and 7 excellence awards.

Figure 1. Awards ceremony of the competition

With the aid of easy-to-learn and powerful ZW3D CAD/CAM platform as well as good groundwork and wild imagination, many ZW3D users create their elaborate, esthetical and practical designs, covering consumer goods, automation, electronics, machinery, and much more.

Among all the entries, a concept car designed by an experienced ZW3D user won the first prize. The design is inspired by the F-22 Beast Fighter with slightly flaunted headstock and smoothly streamlined body, a blend of ferity and tenderness. Meanwhile, this concept car is an electric-gasoline hybrid vehicle, striking a balance between fashion and energy conservation.

Figure 2. One of the 1st prizes: concept car


According to the comments of challenge judges, “this design is molded via full parametric technology of ZW3D with extensive use of high-order curves and surface modeling to generate high quality surface, ensuring the streamline of the car’s integral body. In addition, in terms of model rendering, matched applying of texture and adept setting of illumination lead to vivid visual effect. ”

Designers can go to ZW3D CAD Library to download free 3D models, or follow ZWSOFT on Facebook to stay tuned with for latest information of ZW3D CAD/CAM.



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