CADbro 2021, Released for Better Collaboration on 3D Models

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CADbro 2021, Released for Better Collaboration on 3D Models

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CADbro 2021, Released for Better Collaboration on 3D Models

Products 2020-09-23 16:49:00

GUANGZHOU, CHINA: September 23, 2020 – ZWSOFT today announced the release of CADbro 2021, an easy-to-use 3D CAD viewer for whoever needs to collaborate on engineering data, especially salespeople, technicians, quality controllers, designers, etc.

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Import More Information in Less Time

Importing a 3D CAD file is the first step to use a viewer. Now that the translator of CADbro has been upgraded, you can not only import more versions of files, such as CATIA® V5-6R2020, Creo® 6.0, Inventor® V2020, and NX® 1899, but also access their part attributes, for example, material. Hence, providing a quotation takes less time.

upgraded translator-600x237.jpg

Figure 1. Part attributes of the imported files can be read

Besides, the Quick Import command can help load the display data in short order and the geometric data for measuring or basic editing as well.

Quicker Modification of and Easier Collaboration on 3D Models

With the 3D model imported, you can begin modifying it in the desktop app. If you are not yet familiar with CADbro, the newly added Command Search function is here to help you find the command needed. Plus, the Coordinate System is available in CADbro 2021. As a result, you can create Datum CYSY and axes effortlessly. They can facilitate the measurement of objects. As a type of reference geometries, Datum axes, in particular, are commonly used as the center of rotation and are especially useful when the axis of a particular model is not in line with any default coordinate indicator.

For the assembly, you can use the new Clearance Check function to check the minimum distance between components. It can help you ensure a safe and reasonable assembly design. With the model ready, you can predefine the explode steps in the desktop app and upload them along with the model to the cloud. After that, your project members or clients can examine the exploded view according to the pre-defined steps on the web.

Share Smaller Files via QR Code

As QR (Quick Response) code gains popularity, your customers might prefer scanning one to view your product information on their mobile devices. Now, it’s feasible to generate a QR code for your model file in CADbro 2021 and share it via the code.

Sharing models via QR code-600x265.jpg

Figure 2. Sharing models via QR code

To make file sharing even easier and file opening even faster, the size of .Z3DS files will shrink in CADbro 2021 without any loss of quality. Thanks to this improvement, you can also store more files within the limited storage capacity.

Smaller .Z3DS Files-600x317.jpg

Figure 3. Smaller .Z3DS Files in CADbro 2021

From importing to viewing, editing, analyzing, to exporting and sharing, the new features and enhancements of CADbro 2021 realize better collaboration on 3D models. If you work with 3D models in a team or across departments, don’t hesitate to try CADbro 2021 for free.


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