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Happy CADing with ZW3D: Design a Football to Celebrate World Cup

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Happy CADing with ZW3D: Design a Football to Celebrate World Cup

ZWSchool 2018-06-19 16:56:03
The World Cup 2018 is coming! This summer, football superstars all over the world will gather in Russia to compete for the glistening golden trophy. As a football fan and designer, why not design your own football to celebrate it? ZW3D is an all-in-one CAD/CAM solution. To know more, please click; [embed][/embed] Read the tutorial on football design and start your design journey.    

Figure 1   Football

  Step1: Create a pentagon on XY plane whose excircle has a radius of 80mm.  

Figure 2   Pentagon on XY plane

  Step2: Create a hexagon. Draw a line from any corner of the pentagon in 3D Sketch, the angle between the line and the pentagon edge is 120 degrees. Then create a plane (Plane 1) based on this line and one edge of the pentagon. On Plane 1, create a hexagon which shares an edge with the pentagon.    

Figure3   Hexagon on Plane 1

  Step3: Find the football center. Draw a line (shown as Axis 1 in Figure 4) along the Z axis. It is vertical to the pentagon naturally. And then draw another line (Axis 2 in Figure 4) from the hexagon center and make it vertical to the hexagon. Their intersection point is the football center.  

Figure4   Find Football Center

  Step4: With football center as a vertex, create pyramids based on the hexagon and the pentagon respectively.  

Figure5   Create pyramids

  Step5: Create a sphere shape centered at football center, set the diameter to 220mm. Then make a 2mm thick shell based on the sphere.  

Figure6   Combine(Intersect) between the pyramids and shell sphere

  Step6: Pattern the yellow hexagon piece along the Z axis.  

Figure 7   Pattern hexagon piece

  Step7: Copy the red pentagon piece together with a yellow hexagon piece along Axis 2.  

Figure 8   Copy one pentagon and one hexagon

  Step8: Pattern the result derived from Step7 along the Z axis.  

Figure 9   Pattern the result of Step7

  Step9: Taking Plane 2 as a reference plane, mirror all shapes.  

Figure 10   Mirror all shapes

Step 10:Move the mirrored half of the shapes 36 degrees along the Z axis.    

Figure 11   Move the mirrored half

  Step11: Render your design in KeyShot and get an attractive football for World Cup.

Figure12   Rendered design

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