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2018 ZWCAD America Forum – Speak With Product Strength

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2018 ZWCAD America Forum – Speak With Product Strength

Products 2018-09-20 10:14:00

GUANGZHOU, China: August 18 2018 – As 2018 ZWCAD America Forum was successfully ended in São Paulo, the curtain was brought down on 2018 ZWCAD Regional Forums. Held a day before the official release of ZWCAD 2019, this forum gave confidence to ZWSOFT’s American partners and customers, as well as the world that ZWSOFT is ready to speak with product strength. 


ZWCAD America Forum 1.jpg

Figure 1. ZWCAD America Forum


In the morning, Vincent Wu, ZWCAD’s overseas Sales Director, continued to strengthen the future focus of ZWSOFT – to provide an all-in-one CAx solution, which will bring complete and fluent CAD experience to worldwide users by connecting ZWCAD, ZW3D and the future CAE and more products seamlessly. Besides, he also stressed the importance of reliable products and service – “Customers’ satisfaction and loyalty is the first step. ZWSOFT will keep improving the quality of products, and our partners will keep providing good service.”


ZWCAD America Forum 2.jpg

Figure 2. ZWCAD America Forum


After that, Kyle He, the product manager of ZWCAD, introduced the new features added to ZWCAD 2019, including PDF Underlay, Annotative Objects, Smart Plot, etc., as well as a number of enhancements aiming at making design much more efficient. He also concluded what will ZWCAD be like in the future – “We will become more reliable, stable and efficient; we will also have more complete features and make our products easy-to-use along with the best services.”


ZWCAD America Forum 3.jpg

Figure 3. ZWCAD America Forum


In the afternoon, the ZWCAD team shared their insights and had free discussions with the American partners, concerning important topics such as how to provide better service and technical support to local users. Reliable products from ZWCAD and first-class service from our partners are our promise to customers.


ZWCAD America Forum 4.jpg

Figure 4.ZWCAD America Forum


The trip of 2018 ZWCAD Regional Forums was ended. We are glad to have these precious opportunities to have zero-distance interactions with our partners and customers in Asia, Europe and America, to grow and win together. ZWCAD is ready to speak with product strength and there are more to be expected in the future.


ZWCAD America Forum 5.jpg

Figure 5.ZWCAD America Forum

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